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September 14, 2023
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STX:LDN's Visionary Roadmap: Charting the Future of Buidling on Bitcoin

STX:LDN's Visionary Roadmap: Charting the Future of Buidling on Bitcoin

The digital frontier is ever-evolving, and at the heart of this transformation is STX:LDN. With a commitment to fostering innovation, community engagement, and technological advancement, STX:LDN is excited to unveil its roadmap for the future. This roadmap is not just a series of events or launches; it's a testament to our dedication to the Web3 community and our belief in the Stacks protocol.

1. NFTea Party: A Multi-Chain Extravaganza

Kicking off our series of milestones is the NFTea party, slated to be one of the most interactive multi-chain NFT events in London. This event aims to bring together artists, developers, and NFT enthusiasts to celebrate the fusion of art and technology. Attendees can expect immersive experiences, enlightening discussions, and a showcase of some of the most innovative NFT projects across multiple blockchains. Keep following STX:LDN and subscribe to our newsletter to find out when its going down!

2. sBTC on Stacks: A Marketing Milestone

The introduction of sBTC in the Stacks protocol marks a significant step in bridging Bitcoin's liquidity and security with smart contracts. Our marketing campaign for this release will not only educate the community about its benefits but also highlight its potential to revolutionize DeFi.

3. Bitcoin Unleashed: October's Highlight

October promises to be a month of revelations with "Bitcoin Unleashed." This event will delve deep into the capabilities of Bitcoin beyond just a store of value, exploring its potential in smart contracts, decentralized applications, and more.

You can get your tickets now for Bitcoin Unleashed here.

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4. Community Talent Pool: Bridging Ideas with Talent

Recognizing the importance of human capital in technological advancement, we're launching the community talent pool. This initiative will act as a bridge, connecting projects building on Stacks with talented individuals from our community, ensuring that innovative ideas find the right hands to bring them to life.

5. Developer Session at UCL: Fostering the Next Gen

Happening at University College London (UCL), STX:LDN will host a developer session at the end of September. This event aims to introduce students to the world of Stacks, inspiring the next generation of developers to build on this transformative protocol.

You can register for the session on Eventbrite.

6. Expanding Horizons: International Partnerships

Our vision is global, and to that end, we're actively seeking more international partnerships. These collaborations will not only expand the reach of STX:LDN but also bring diverse perspectives and innovations into our ecosystem.

7. Community Builder Meetup: Celebrating the Pillars of STX:LDN

As the year draws to a close, we'll be hosting an end-of-year community builder meetup. This event will celebrate the individuals and teams that have been instrumental in shaping the STX:LDN community, providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and recognition.

8. Community Member Stacking: Empowering Participation

True to our commitment to decentralization and community engagement, we're introducing community member stacking. This initiative will allow members to actively participate in the network's security and consensus, further decentralizing the ecosystem and rewarding active participation.

9. In-House Developer Program: Nurturing Innovation

Last but certainly not least, our in-house developer program will act as an incubator for budding developers and projects. By providing resources, mentorship, and a collaborative environment, we aim to accelerate the development of innovative solutions on the Stacks protocol.

In conclusion, the future of STX:LDN is not just about events or launches; it's about building a community, fostering innovation, and driving the adoption of the Stacks protocol. With this roadmap, we're not just charting our future; we're charting the future of the build-on Bitcoin ecosystem in London.

Join us on this exciting journey!


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About STX:LDN 

STX:LDN is a London-based, community-led group, working to educate community members and all interested parties about the Stacks, as well as expand the wider Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem.

STX:LDN hosts a series of events in and around London, UK, on topics related to both Stacks and Bitcoin in addition to organizing workshops & courses that focus on building on Bitcoin using Stacks. 

The community also provides consultancy services for both individual founders and developer organizations looking to launch a new product within the Stacks ecosystem.

To learn more about what STX:LDN provides or to get involved in the community, visit the STX:LDN website below.

About Stacks

While building on the security of the Bitcoin network, Stacks combines attributes of Layer 1 blockchains and Layer 2 scaling solutions into one hybrid design.

Leveraging the robust decentralization of Bitcoin, Stacks functions as a Layer 2-like framework but with some of the autonomy of a Layer 1 chain. -- Learn More

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