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October 08, 2023
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Stacks London Reflects on the Excitement and Momentum Around Bitcoin at Zebu Live 2023

Stacks London Reflects on the Excitement and Momentum Around Bitcoin at Zebu Live 2023

As a leading organization promoting Bitcoin and web3 development in the UK, Stacks London was thrilled to assist the Stacks Foundation in managing the Stacks booth at the 2023 Zebu Live event. As expected, the conference was a massive success and reaffirmed the excitement brewing in Britain around the future of web3 despite the ongoing bear market.

With tickets selling out in advance of the day, the event saw oversubscription indicating the UK's strong desire to learn about and participate in building the next generation of the internet. Stacks London arrived prepared to engage with an enthusiastic audience hungry to discuss the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Throughout the two-day conference, there was palpable excitement around Stacks' booth as we fielded a constant stream of queries about our project. Stacks supporters and newcomers alike wanted to know how we are pushing Bitcoin innovation forward with developer tools, our unique smart contract language Clarity, and the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade.

In particular, attendees were pleasantly surprised to learn how the Nakamoto upgrade and introduction of sBTC will open the doors to new Bitcoin use cases. We fielded countless questions about these technical improvements to Stacks and how they will enable advanced functionalities like DeFi, NFTs, and more on a true Bitcoin L2.

It was fulfilling to see visitors light up with enthusiasm as we explained how Nakamoto will allow Stacks to leverage Bitcoin's security guarantees and settlement finality via novel features like Proof-of-Transfer. Attendees were excited to grasp Stacks' vision for a user-owned internet backed by Bitcoin, the world's strongest cryptocurrency.

Equally impactful were the conversations we had with builders eager to develop apps and services on Bitcoin using Clarity and Stacks. Veteran Bitcoiners and web3 newcomers alike shared how they want to contribute to this ecosystem. The breadth of ideas flowing in demonstrated the UK's significant untapped talent ready to build on Bitcoin and Stacks.

Recognising Opportunity

Beyond the informal discussions, Zebu Live also presented opportunities for more substantial conversations around investment and hiring in the Stacks ecosystem. Multiple venture capital firms and angel investors approached us expressing interest in projects building on Stacks that are seeking early-stage funding.

These investors made it clear they want exposure to the high potential in Bitcoin's wider ecosystem. They are looking for pre-seed to Series A investment opportunities, hoping to get in early on this new wave of Bitcoin innovation. Their outreach confirms that smart money recognizes Stacks' key role in unlocking smart contracts and advanced functionality on top of Bitcoin.

In addition, we spoke with builders from other blockchain ecosystems, mainly Ethereum, who were intrigued by the progress of Stacks and Clarity. Successful innovations like Ordinals showed these developers that there is real traction and interest in building on Bitcoin leading to many queering on how they can start developing dapps and services on Stacks to tap into this momentum.

Lastly, we fielded many inquiries from talented developers, designers, product managers, and other professionals asking how they can get involved with Stacks. They wanted to know where they could find teams and projects to join so they could actively participate in building this new Bitcoin-powered web3 ecosystem.

The enthusiasm we encountered in these conversations demonstrated that Stacks is starting to attract talent ready to build web3 on Bitcoin.

Overall, the curiosity and engagement with our booth at Zebu Live confirmed that Stacks' message resonates strongly with the UK blockchain community. Participants view our work as a critical on-ramp for smart contract development on Bitcoin, long seen as the holy grail for unlocking mainstream adoption. Rather than altcoin hype, attendees were drawn to the potential of programmable money and decentralized finance secured by Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus. Stacks is now poised to deliver on that promise.

It’s a Wrap!

For Stacks London, events like Zebu Live validate the intense interest in building the future of Web3 on Bitcoin across the UK. The success of the event proves Britain will be a major contributor to this mission despite market conditions. We look forward to empowering more local developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to leverage Stacks as we progress toward a user-owned internet backed by the world's strongest cryptocurrency.

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