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July 20, 2023
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Join The Big Bitcoin & Web3 Summer Party!

Join The Big Bitcoin & Web3 Summer Party!

August is the time of the year that everyone kicks back in the sun enjoying the last of the warm weather away from the desk before summer ends.

To usher in the holidays this year, the STX:LDN team, is collaborating with Coinscrum, Crypto Mondays London, & ArtSect DAO, to host the Big Bitcoin & Web3 Summer Party at the infamous ArtSect Gallery on Thursday, July 27th! 

The event is FREE to attend and provides an opportunity to witness, in person, the strength of the Bitcoin and Web3 community in London, the people in it and all the exciting projects that are at the pinnacle of innovation within the UK’s Bitcoin and Web3 space.

Network, socialise and have fun, whilst drawing inspiration from the illustrious environment in ArtSect, London’s home for NFT artists! Bitcoin and Web3 are underpinned by community and collaboration, it’s always good to bring the community together as a result. 

You never know what might happen! 

Location: ArtSect Gallery, Algha works, Smeed Rd, Bow, London E3 2NR

Admission: FREE

Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-big-bitcoin-web3-summer-party-tickets-675108276027

About Coinscrum

Since launching in October 2012 as one of the world’s first Bitcoin meetup groups, Coinscrum has since gone on to build the UK’s leading blockchain community, growing to over 6,000 members and hosting over 250 free-to-attend events that have featured many of the industry’s leading pioneers & thought leaders. 

Built on a philosophy of education & debate over hype, Coinscrum’s production team has built a reputation for deep subject-matter expertise, acting as a filter & trusted authority for showcasing the latest blockchain innovations & ideas at our monthly events in London.. 

About ArtSect 

ArtSect is a ‘Decentralized Arts Organisation’ that develops, creates and incubates creative productions using Web3 technology. With immersive NFT gallery spaces in London and China and their ecosystem of metaverse investment partners, they are on a mission to catalyse culture and develop decentralized consumer infrastructure to support the next evolution of the creative industries.

About Crypto Mondays 

Crypto Mondays is a decentralized global community that shares a passion for crypto and how it's going to change the world in dramatic ways. Crypto Mondays London was established in February 2018 with the aim of providing a fun and educational space where everyone is welcome, regardless of their crypto knowledge. We meet once a month in various locations in our iconic city and provide FREE, quality content and excellent networking opportunities.

About STX:LDN 

STX:LDN is a London-based, community-led group, working to educate community members and all interested parties about the Stacks, as well as expand the wider Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem.

STX:LDN hosts a series of events in and around London, UK, on topics related to both Stacks and Bitcoin in addition to organizing workshops & courses which focus on building on Bitcoin using Stacks. 

The community also provides consultancy services for both individual founders and developer organizations looking to launch a new product within the Stacks ecosystem.

To learn more about what STX:LDN provides or to get involved in the community, visit the STX:LDN website below.

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain solution, that recycles Bitcoin's POW algorithm, without the consumption of extra energy.

Centric on the original vision of Bitcoin, Stacks provides the capability to build dApps, NFTs and DeFi applications utilising the unique decentralization and security of the Bitcoin blockchain. -- Learn More

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