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August 07, 2023
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Stacks Chapters: A Global Community Building on Bitcoin

Stacks Chapters: A Global Community Building on Bitcoin

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food.” - Dean Ornish

Community is at the heart of Bitcoin and Web3. By its very nature, without community, decentralisation cannot work, and anything with decentralisation at its core (like Bitcoin), cannot exist as intended. 

The Stacks Foundation recognizes this basic fact and organises its global community into local chapters driven by Stackers on the ground who make up the grassroots of its user base. 

In this way, the message of using Stacks to build on Bitcoin is more targeted and has led to it driving the most local engagement for the ‘building on Bitcoin scene’.

But before we delve into this unique community setup, first let’s dive into what Stacks is.

What is Stacks?

Stacks is a development layer for the world’s oldest and most secure blockchain; Bitcoin. Technically acting as a side-chain and also a Layer 2, it links to Bitcoin via consensus mechanisms called ‘Proof of Transfer’ which enables apps built using a purpose-built language called Clarity to leverage the security of Bitcoin whilst avoiding the low speed and high transaction costs associated with Bitcoin.

Stacks’ mission is simple, to unlock the capacity of Bitcoin for the Dapp ecosystem, bringing about a shift back to Bitcoin being the centre of decentralised development. 

Read more about Stacks here.

What are Stacks Chapters?

In order to achieve this mission, the Stacks Foundation has put the community at the forefront with an ambitious global approach targeting several key regions including North America, LATAM, Europe, MENA & APAC. 

However, instead of a top-down approach with the foundation at the centre of decision-making, the foundation has instead encouraged local engagement driven by local Stacks communities called chapters.

Each chapter is tasked with spreading the word about Stacks and the ‘building on Bitcoin’ ecosystem through the hosting of events, engaging with other communities, supporting builders/learners and more, all with one goal: to introduce Stacks and encourage participation in the ecosystem.

So far, there are 4 active community chapters in Austin (North America), Australia (APAC), Indonesia (APAC) and London (Europe) all of which have an active community base and roadmap.

More on how to get involved is below.

These regions have been specifically chosen for a number of reasons, most notably their existing networks, existing builders, the potential for new builders and their inclusion of areas that are considered emerging markets. 

However, the foundation is also aware of interest globally beyond these regions where the factors mentioned above might not be manifested as well, but the community element remains strong. As such, they have been explicit in labelling targeting these reasons initially as a learning mechanism. 

Expect more in 2024!

How to get involved

If you’re in any of these regions and want to get involved in the local Stacks community closest to you, their details are below:

London (This is us!)

STX:LDN is an official Stacks Blockchain community-led group, working to expand the Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem, through technical development and organising Bitcoin & Stacks educational events in and around London, UK.

Website: https://stxldn.com/

Contact: hello@stxldn.com

Austin (TX, USA)

The mission of the Stacks Austin Chapter is to educate folks about the benefits of building on Bitcoin while providing them with the resources needed to succeed.  The chapter runs regular stakeholder, holiday and community events in the local community.

Website: https://owl.link/stacksatx.btc 

Contact: stacksATX@protonmail.com


Stacks Indonesia’s primary focus is on fostering a thriving user base and nurturing talented developers from Indonesia who are eager to build on Bitcoin and Stacks. 

Website: https://www.stacksnesia.id 

Contact: mpj@stacksnesia.id 


STX AUS is the official Stacks Blockchain Community-Led group working to expand the Stacks Community to bring utility beyond P2P payments to Bitcoin. Join the Builders on Bitcoin Movement and be the Revolution.

Website: https://stacksaustralia.github.io/ 

Contact: stacks@digitalplayhouse.org.au 

Don’t see a chapter near you but still want to get involved? Contact the Stacks Foundation directly via community@stacks.org.

About STX:LDN 

STX:LDN is a London-based, community-led group, working to educate community members and all interested parties about the Stacks, as well as expand the wider Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem.

STX:LDN hosts a series of events in and around London, UK, on topics related to both Stacks and Bitcoin in addition to organizing workshops & courses which focus on building on Bitcoin using Stacks. 

The community also provides consultancy services for both individual founders and developer organizations looking to launch a new product within the Stacks ecosystem.

To learn more about what STX:LDN provides or to get involved in the community, visit the STX:LDN website below.

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain solution, that recycles Bitcoin's POW algorithm, without the consumption of extra energy.

Centric on the original vision of Bitcoin, Stacks provides the capability to build dApps, NFTs and DeFi applications utilising the unique decentralization and security of the Bitcoin blockchain. -- Learn More

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