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July 04, 2023
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STX:LDN Partners with Blockdown Festival to Bring Bitcoin Builders to the Party!

STX:LDN Partners with Blockdown Festival to Bring Bitcoin Builders to the Party!

Bitcoin on the beach

Hello again community, the series of exciting partnerships that the team in London are making doesn’t seem to end, in fact, with summer around the corner, we have what could be one of the most exciting partnerships to date in 2023.

Yes, that’s right, we’re bringing Bitcoin to BlockDown!

What is Blockdown Festival?

Well, for one thing, BlockDown Festival isn’t your average blockchain/crypto event. The organisers aim at bringing culture and crypto together via a series of talks, activities, music, and of course party celebrations!

The festival was first launched in 2020 and surviving the pandemic, has grown to become one of the largest crypto events in Europe, most certainly the largest industry-related ‘festival’ in the EU.

Erhan Korhaliller, Founder of BlockDown spoke on the collaboration, saying;

Blockdown Festival is delighted to partner with STX:LDN to bring Bitcoin builders to to the fore at BlockDown Festival. With the ordinals craze and more exciting use cases for bitcoin previously not possible emerging, it’s even more important than ever to keep bitcoin as a key part of our event agenda.

Earlier editions of the festival have had pretty wide coverage from the general crypto media and this year is no different. Leading the way for the larger summer events coming up, BlockDown is certainly not one to be missed!

Build on Bitcoin Sessions

The BlockDown ‘Build on Bitcoin Sessions’ is comprised this year, of an amazing panel of Bitcoin builders and Bitcoin musicians, curated by the team at STX:LDN, This is Number 1 and The Mintery.

Both sessions are set to give a teaser to the things being built on Bitcoin, such as Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens, Audionals and as a taste of the talent working on the forthcoming This is Number 1 visual music album, entitled ‘#1’.

OG Bitcoiner and Stacker Jim Crane, Co-Founder at This is Number One added;

Since 2014 we have been cultivating a better home for artists and musicians through Bitcoin, harmonising art and technology towards a brighter future. We’re building a new home for music in 2023, utilising a brand new Ordinals protocol called Audionals to bring music production itself on-chain.

Nat Cole, Chapter Lead at Stacks London says;

The Blockdown Festival has always been about blending arts, culture and crypto, but imagine having a conversation about crypto without Bitcoin, the backbone of the industry and crypto culture itself. Making this partnership with the help of the team at This is Number 1 and The Mintery is a great way to introduce Bitcoin creatives and builders to patrons of the festival, whilst atrracting more attention from Bitcoiners to the amazing dispay of talent, creativity and fun of attending the event. It also comes at a perfect time, as Ordinals, BRC-20, Stacks and other Bitcoin ecosystem projects are building on Bitcoin at an unprecedented level.

Bitcoin Activations

The collaboration for the Build on Bitcoin Sessions features an amazing panel of speakers moderated by Ileana Malacrino (The Mintery/Stacks Foundation)

In collaboration with This is Number 1, the performance stage is set to feature Hip-Hop artist and producer G.O.L.D (Ghost Writerz), performing his single ‘WGMI (Orange Pills)’, a preview from the #1’ compilation album, alongside cohorts including Pakz (Dynasty Music), Airklipz (Vape Life Records) and DJ D Orical (Cake and Custard/Toxic Deep).

To find out more about the festival and get yourself a ticket, visit the Blockdown Festival website.

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