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August 21, 2023
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STX:LDN Launches the Community Builders Initiative

STX:LDN Launches the Community Builders Initiative

STX:LDN is delighted to announce the ‘Community Builders’ initiative, a program aimed at encouraging STX:LDN community members to actively participate in Stacks & Bitcoin ecosystem building.

STX:LDN’s mission is to create and foster a community-driven space for the Stacks ecosystem in the UK, encouraging local projects, investors, and Web3-interested people to explore opportunities within the ecosystem.

In order to do this, STX:LDN needs to emulate the grassroots-inspired, community-driven organization of Stacks on a local level, to inspire that contribution and participation in the ecosystem from its members. 

This initiative is therefore key to achieving that mission, and there are lots of exciting contributions already!

What are STX:LDN community builders doing?

At present, STX:LDN is supporting two community-driven projects:

  1. Weekly music in Web3 space on X (Twitter)

Hosted by community member, musician, poet & Web3 entrepreneur Nat Nye every Monday, this weekly X space will delve into the application of decentralization to the music industry, from the benefit for musicians to its impact on music fans.

Speaking about the reason behind the launch of this project, Nat Nye commented:

“Web3 for many is tech advancement, the latest evolution, could be positive or negative depending on your perspective but change is certain, for the artist, Web3 means WebFREE - enabling ownership, autonomy, true value exchange fans become investors.” 

Nye went on to explain that the weekly space will provide a means to “interview and listen to the works from the pioneers, the brave, visionary artists and the builders who are forming the frontiers of the music industry shaping one of pure imagination, freedom of expression and abundance” 

The first space is set to take place on Monday, September 4th, 2023 @ 10 PM BST.

  1. A regular Stacks London Town Hall

In addition to the regular music in Web3 space, STX:LDN will be hosting a regular community Town Hall, in which attendees will be able to delve into discussions on topics related to Stacks and its progress in the UK.

These town halls, supported by STX:LDN, will be hosted by community member Ben (@benrichercrypto), a veteran crypto investor who first learned about STX in 2018. Topics already on the table include: ‘Building on STX in the UK’, ‘STX and Clarity Education’, ‘STX development basics’, ‘Onboarding to STX’, and more!

For those new to Stacks, these will be an unmissable occasion to learn more about Stacks and its presence in the UK, and to connect with Stackers in the UK to have any questions answered! 

Keep an eye on our socials for the date of the first Town Hall, starting this September! 

How do I join?

Everyone, whether you’re deeply involved in the Bitcoin or Stacks ecosystem or simply interested in exploring more, is welcome to contribute and participate in the STX:LDN community! 

All you have to do is join the community (details below) and hop on a call with one of our team to discuss your idea. In the meantime, you can also participate the projects started by other community builders or read more about STX:LDN here.


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About STX:LDN 

STX:LDN is a London-based, community-led group, working to educate community members and all interested parties about the Stacks, as well as expand the wider Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem.

STX:LDN hosts a series of events in and around London, UK, on topics related to both Stacks and Bitcoin in addition to organizing workshops & courses which focus on building on Bitcoin using Stacks. 

The community also provides consultancy services for both individual founders and developer organizations looking to launch a new product within the Stacks ecosystem.

To learn more about what STX:LDN provides or to get involved in the community, visit the STX:LDN website below.

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