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November 04, 2022
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Meta NFTs Launch via Instagram #CreatorWeek2022, Stacks integration?

Meta NFTs Launch via Instagram #CreatorWeek2022, Stacks integration?

Meta/Instagram #CreatorWeek 2022

Back with a bit of an exclusive for all of the stackers wondering about the recent announcement by Meta and Instagram regarding integrating NFTs the world's most popular social network platforms.

Through a long-time partnership with our frens at Art Plugged we were invited to an exclusive press reveal event on Thursday, 3rd of November 2022 at the famous Tate Modern gallery in London, for the unveiling of the installation, introduction to some fantastic creators and privy to some early information...all of which we are bringing directly to our readers!

Meta and Instagram's launch comes as part of London Creator Week 2022 and they invite the public, creators and influencers to take part in the event both on and offline, either in attendance at the launch event on 4th November 2022 or via the Instagram platform.

Now-Feedable Token?

One of the things the NFT creator landscape has been questioning for a while is 'When Instagram?" which for most creators and crypto OG's may be a fair sight away from one of the larger, if not even relevant questions in the space currently.

On one hand, Instagram, with its 2 billion+ users is clearly bringing more awareness to NFTs and the crypto space overall. However, it can also be argued that whilst bringing about new users to the space, this moves away from the long-term crypto/blockchain vision of decentralization and true ownership, something which Meta has not had the best press for in its recent past, with the Libra hearings.

The new integration allows creators to link their wallets to the platform and display their NFTs on their feeds, with many other features planned.

So, how does it work?

From what has been said, the integration works by allowing users to connect various different blockchain/crypto wallets to the platform, which allows for creating posts featuring the creator's NFTs and important metadata attached to that NFT and blockchain.

Currently, Instagram is working with a number of integrations and is open to others joining.

Current blockchains integrated at launch are:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Solana

  • Flow

The platform is also compatible with multiple digital wallets:

  • Metamask

  • Coinbase

  • Rainbow

  • Trust Wallet

  • Dapper

  • Phantom

The platform is also integrated with OpenSea, which allows public information to be displayed in posts, as well as tagging creators automatically and recognizing users who are in support of creator collections.

The creation and selling of NFTs on Instagram are also being tested at the moment in the US, whilst UK & Ireland are launching showcasing with this event.

What else?

Yes, there is more...

Aside from what is mentioned above, there are a number of features coming for the UK & Ireland shortly after the launch, such as Instagram subscriptions, which have already been launched in the US.

The current iteration of the integration is only available for static images, BUT video is coming fast. Meta is looking at building in multiple features to differentiate NFTs from regular posts to combat things such as profile impersonation, whilst rewarding creators and their communities with special additional graphics and tools to showcase their collections on the platform.

Meet the creators!

What would the platforms be without the creators?!

We were introduced to two wonderful young creators, who are leading the charge for creators in the UK, so it's only right for us to shout them out so you can find and support their works.

  • Vintage Mozart (Twitter: @vintagemozart, Instagram: vintagemozart) is a Zimbabwean-born artist, who creates amazing digital and physical artwork, both static and animated. His work features not only spectacular art but also important messages in each piece, launching his collection on Super Rare, he has become a very much known artist in the NFT space of late and is advancing forward being one of the first artists to launch via the new integration.

  • Maliha Adibi (Instagram: Maliha_z_art) is a delightful and strong young female artist, working on amazing artwork and other projects to empower women and inclusion within the space. Maliha, is an extremely popular artist with a strong following and an even stronger message within her creations. We did not get to catch up with her personally at the reveal, but we are now following and paying close attention to her works, as she is an amazing artist and activist, that has been featured by both the BBC and Guardian.

Stacks integration?

Given the history of Meta, as Facebook and Instagram, this move may not go down too well with many members of the crypto community, who understand decentralization and the true nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Stackers are notoriously and unapologetically Bitcoiners at heart, so the new integration is at least questionable for some, but what do the Stackers think overall?

Most Bitcoiners, especially purists and toxic maximalists don't even like NFTs, much less the sound of the Meta/Instagram drum being beat to the sound of proposed "crypto adoption".

On the other hand, many Stackers agree, that we are heading towards a multi-chain world, one in which Bitcoin should be the underlying layer (because it is) to keep decentralization, ownership, privacy and security at the very forefront via Stacks and other Bitcoin layers, so is Instagram a good move for Stacks? If you think yes, what do you think that integration could possibly look like and will you be testing out the new features on other chains?

If the answer is no, then we'd love to hear your reasoning and dig deeper together into why you think it may not be something pursued by Stacks creators and developers.

Join the discussion in our Discord or our special Twitter Spaces tomorrow, Saturday 5th November 2022!

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